Our Markets

Trend provides trading platforms in any of the below instruments through other financial service providers.

Our Markets

Foreign Exchange (FX) The trading platforms offered give you the benefit of trading with one-click on live streaming forex prices, plus sophisticated order handling and advanced charting. All trades are executed instantly, and tight spreads of 1-2 pips are offered on the majors as well as a large range of minor and exotic FX pairs. Mini Contracts (10% of standard contract) are available on all FX pairs making it possible to trade FX with us with as little as a $500 initial investment.

Equity CFDs We offer CFDs on the ASX 300 as well as the major European, US and Asian equities. In total we make available several thousand CFDs over global shares. In addition to the Equity CFDs available online via the Online Platforms we can make many additional Equity CFDs available to you via phone execution. If you don’t see the Equity CFD online, ask us and we can most likely make it available for you!

Energies CFD's Using the trading platforms offered you can trade the world’s most popular energy CFD's at the click of a button. Immediate execution is offered through the online platform and you do not need to work an order in the market. Energy CFD's are quoted at a competitive bid/offer spread and you pay no exchange fees, allowing you to trade at a far lower brokerage cost than if dealing in Energy futures or options directly in the underlying exchange. Mini Energy CFDs are available for all major energy CFDs.

Metals The online trading platforms offer a large range of spot and forward metal contracts. Using the gearing available you can take a sizeable position without tying up the large amount of capital required for margin when dealing directly in the underlying exchange. Very tight spreads are offered on spot gold and silver and low brokerage rates on all forward metal contracts. Mini Contracts are available for all metals.

Commodities The trading platforms offered give traders access to trade a wide variety of popular futures contracts. The competitive bid\offer spread is based on the underlying market.

CFD Options Offered is a huge range of CFD options across stock indices, FX, commodities, global shares and interest rates. In addition to the contracts available online via the trading platforms, there are thousands of additional contracts available via phone dealing. If you don’t see the contract online, ask us and we can most likely make it available for you!

Stock Indices The online trading platforms grant you an innovative way to trade the world’s major stock indices. Covering all major exchanges, we quote 24 hour prices, meaning you can trade even when the underlying market is closed. Also offered are conventional forward contracts that track directly with the underlying futures market. Mini Contracts are available on all indices.

Australian Equities Trade with the confidence, security and peace of mind knowing your equities are held under the Chess system. All ASX listed stocks are available and execution is direct to the exchange. You can self execute with the free platform and phone orders can be placed anytime. Dividends can be reinvested or paid as cash. Any issuer sponsored holdings can easily be converted to Chess holdings for safety.

ASX Options With access to some of the most sophisticated options tools in the market, the easy to use options platform will give you peace of mind when trading options, taking your options trading to a whole new level. Trade options over of the largest companies in Australia. Options are a versatile product that allows you to gain protection from falls, earn extra income if the market is flat or generate leveraged returns if the market rallies. Options involve risks and are not suitable for everyone. Option trading can be speculative in nature and carry substantial risk of loss.

ASX Warrants Investing in warrants gives you the opportunity to achieve leveraged returns, diversify into a market sector and protect the value of underlying instruments. Warrants involve risks and are not suitable for everyone. Warrants trading can be speculative in nature and carry substantial risk of loss. Enjoy access to the latest price quotes and market information. Useful tools such as Macquarie’s Performance Ranking Calculator is a great place to start, or you may want to take a look at rankings and tips from respected analyst Wise Owl. The platform offers all these tools and more free of charge.