CFD Trading

Trend Investor Services offer a choice of professional online CFD trading platforms allowing you to trade CFDs on global markets at competitive rates.

Using a single account CFD trading gives you 24-hour access to the world’s financial markets. You can profit from rising or falling markets by buying or selling at the quoted prices.

With our CFD trading platform you have access to over 7,000 global shares including major Australian shares as well as leading US, European and Asian equities, at guaranteed market prices.

Our CFD trading platforms have risk management tools that let you trade CFDs without exposing you to as much risk by offering different order types and other protection methods.

CFD trading markets

  • Reduce Risk - Using Limits, Stop-Limit, Stops and Trailing Stops
  • Australia and Far East - Constituents of the ASX/S&P 300 Index, plus over 700 other leading Australian stocks. Also, constituents of the Straits Times in Singapore.
  • North America - All the constituent shares of the S&P 500 Index and the NASDAQ 100 Index, as well as sufficiently liquid US shares with a market capitalisation of greater than $500 million.
  • United Kingdom - All shares in the FTSE® 350 Index, and normally all other UK-listed shares with a market capitalisation of over £10m.
  • Europe - Access major European markets and the constituent shares of each country's principal index