Buy Gold

If you are looking to buy and sell commodities such as gold & silver, Trend Investor Services can provide you the online trading platforms through one of our trading platform service providers to facilitate all your trades 24 hours a day.

Gold & silver can be traded in a number of different ways including futures, spot, mini contract and standard 100oz contracts.

Why Buy Gold With Trend Investor Services

  • Trade using Limits, Stop-Limit, Stops and Trailing Stops to manage the risk on your open trades
  • Our platforms provide competitive, fixed bid/offer spreads.
  • With low margin requirements you can buy more without investing large amounts of capital.
  • When buying gold with us you can place Guaranteed Stops on your contracts.
  • Buy and sell in real time online, trading with Limits and Stops. Our streaming live prices allow for instant tades to be placed.